Grill Baby, Grill with StumpGrill

Need an easy and perfect way to grill up some burgers? Tired of lugging around a gas grill or, worse, a bag of charcoal that never lights? Then the StumpGrill is perfect for you. Imagine simply lighting up a stump with an attached StumpGrill, and be barbecuing in minutes.

The unique patent pending design of the Stump Grill is very easy to assemble. Simply slide adjusting and mounting brackets to the base of grill! Set grill on top of the stump, so the handle is away from the vent hole, and any cracks that may be in your side of Stump Stove. Take screws and secure the mounting bracket firmly to stump! Set to desired height that you prefer. The adjustable Stump Grill enables you to control the heat when cooking with your Grill. Throw on your favorite steak and let the grill do the rest! When steak is done loosen the bottom adjusting setscrew and swivel to the right or left! When done cooking, and you want to let your stump burn out, remove grill from stump. And grab your Marshmallows and in enjoy making smores with your Family. The Stump stove can be used more than once. When done cooking on the grill, simply put Stump stove out by pouring water on it our submerging it into the lake or stream!! And enjoying cooking on it the next day!

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